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Talent Development Award FAQs

Talent Development Award Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of organizations can apply? 

We invite tax-exempt public university or public charity 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organizations to apply.  Your organization must provide educational services to students in elementary and/or middle grades (K-8) through in-school or out-of-school time programming.  Arts-based organizations serving K-8 students are eligible to apply.

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Are there any restrictions on who can apply? 

  • Public schools, local education agencies, and government agencies are not eligible for this award.
  • Organizations must be based in the United States, serving students in the United States.

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What is a typical organization budget size for competitive applicants? 

Competitive applicants will have annual operating budgets over $1 million and, more likely, above $2,500,000.

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Must programs be national in scope? 

No.  We encourage nominations from community-based or regionally-focused programs that have the potential to scale up or be replicated.

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What is the application timeline? 

December 2013          
Nomination period opened.

February 3, 2014        
Deadline for completed nomination forms.

March 2014                
Selected semi-finalists invited to submit full proposals.

April 16, 2014             
Deadline for invited full proposals.

Summer 2014            
Interviews/site visits with finalists.

October 2014              
Public announcement of Talent Development Award winner.

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What is the amount of the Talent Development Award? 

The Talent Development Award is a one-time grant of up to $500,000.

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Are there restrictions on how our organization can use the funding? 

Funding must be used for charitable, educational purposes by the recipient organization within two years of acceptance.  You will be required to submit a detailed budget with the full proposal showing how the award funds will be used.  Funds may not be used to:

  • Subsidize or supplant existing administrative costs, unless such costs are related to the expansion of services to low-income students.
  • Establish endowments.
  • Enhance the organization’s physical plant.
  • Influence legislation, engage in propaganda, or influence the outcome of any elections.

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Does the Foundation require project reports? 

Yes, you will be required to submit interim and final narrative and financial reports to update the Foundation on your organization’s talent development program(s), efforts to bring strategies to a broader scale, and communication activities to share lessons learned with practitioners, funders, and other stakeholders.  We typically require formal reports every 6-12 months, depending on the project.

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