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Cooke Scholars Mentorship Program

The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation New York City Mentorship Program will allow current undergraduate Cooke Scholars and industry professionals to form and build professional relationships through ongoing supportive interactions. Over the course of nine weeks, participants will meet (in person, if possible) at least four to five times to expand scholars’ knowledge of their field(s), career path options, and networks.
Program Guidelines

- The NYC Mentorship Program will run from the in-person kick-off event on March 2, 2017 through May 4, 2017. Mentors and mentees are to meet (either in-person or virtually) at least four to five times during the course of the program.

- Mentors and mentees should expect to commit about thirty minutes a week to developing a professional mentoring relationship.

- Mentors and mentees should respond to all communication in a timely manner with respect, support, and professionalism.

- Mentors and mentees should communicate any problems, concerns, or questions right away to Cooke Foundation staff. 
Pairs may find themselves discussing contemporary topics related to their interests, addressing strengths and areas of improvement related to professional development, or being introduced to others in the field. We have provided several conversation guides that may be utilized over the course of your mentorship relationship. We suggest both mentors and mentees review the guides and determine what activities would be most helpful.

During your first meeting, start with the Setting and Managing Expectations guide. Set the ground rules and expectations for your mentorship relationship, including what topics you want to cover and what types of activities you plan on taking part in over the course of the nine weeks.

Cooke Mentorship Program Guides
Setting and Managing Expectations