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Why is the Foundation eliminating the Dissertation Fellowship Award? 
As part of the Foundation’s strategic planning process, the Board of Directors determined that the Foundation’s primary objective is college access and success for exceptional students with financial need.  Concurrently, it was determined that greater progress could be made toward this objective with more concentrated focus of resources. As a result, the Board of Directors decided to reduce the number of scholarships the Foundation offers by ending two graduate scholarship programs – the Graduate Arts Award and the Dissertation Fellowship. The last cohort for each program was selected in the spring 2014.

Does this decision affect current Dissertation Fellows? 
The Foundation’s decision will not affect any current Scholars or Fellows who have already received a graduate scholarship from us.

Does the Foundation support other graduate programs? 
The Foundation will continue to provide scholarships for existing Scholars through the Continuing Graduate Scholarship Program. There is no external application process for this program.

When does the change take effect? 
The last cohort of Dissertation Fellows was selected in the spring 2014.

If I am a Dissertation Fellow, am I still considered a Jack Kent Cooke Scholar? 
Yes, if you were selected as a Scholar in any Jack Kent Cooke Foundation scholarship program, you are considered a Jack Kent Cooke Scholar.

If I am a Dissertation Fellow, do I need to let my faculty representative know about the elimination of the program? 
The Foundation has sent out notices to those who have helped and supported the Dissertation Fellowship; however, you are welcome to pass along this information.