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Other Internship Opportunities

The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation has partnered with the National Council for Community and Education Partnerships (NCCEP) to provide $5,000 stipends from the Cooke Foundation and 2017 summer internship positions at this organization.

The application process for these two opportunities is separate from the Cooke Summer Internship Stipend. Applying for the NCCEP opportunity does not limit a scholar’s ability to apply for the general Summer Internship Stipend, but scholars may only choose to accept one or the other. Since the application process for these positions is competitive, scholars are encouraged to explore other opportunities as well. The early application deadline for these positions allows nonrecipient scholars time to make other arrangements and apply for other opportunities.

More information about the summer internships positions, including application process and application materials can be found here:

Cooke NCCEP Internship Infomation