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Why do we Require Parent Financial Information?

The Foundation requires that students under 30 years of age submit living-parent or guardian financial forms and tax information to determine if student and family income are sufficient to meet the candidate's educational costs. Applications submitted without the forms and attachments are incomplete. 

We do this analysis because academic excellence and unmet financial need are the two selection criteria we consider most important. We assess financial need thoroughly for several reasons, including research which shows that the lower a student's income OR parental income, the lower chance the student has of completing a college degree, which is why we place such a high priority on identifying and supporting those students.

Our assessment of financial need evaluates:

  • Student income and assets, including value of home and retirement savings, and
  • A portion of living parent or guardian income and assets, including value of home and retirement savings (for applicants under 30 years of age only).

The Foundation carefully guards the privacy of the financial information provided.

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