Meeting Basic Needs & Supporting College Success

Cooke Scholars at Scholars Weekend 2018
September 21, 2018 – Here’s our weekly roundup of education news you may have missed. Advocates discuss coordinating *wrap-around* services and other thoughtful student supports in K-12 schools. Higher ed coverage focuses on designing and recognizing institutions where students with financial need succeed.

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High-achieving high school seniors can now apply for the Cooke College Scholarship Program, and the Cooke Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship is accepting applications from community college students preparing to transfer. Both programs provide up to $40,000 per year, as well as ongoing advising and access to the thriving Cooke Scholar community.


Elementary & Secondary Education:

  • Education Week reports on how city and school district leaders in localities including Salem, Massachusetts coordinate resources to support students’ basic needs and academic achievement: “The idea is that focusing on student’s individual needs in four areas — academics, health, family, and social-emotional well-being — and matching them with the right kinds of assistance and enrichment programs, will lead to more successful citizens in the long run.”
  • In The Hechinger Report, Michael Cunningham writes that diversifying higher education begins with “examining the full educational journey of a student and beginning to implement thoughtful solutions from kindergarten through graduate school.”
  • A new study shared in Chalkbeat finds that universal meal programs, which provide free lunch to all students at a school, can reduce repeat suspensions.


Higher Education:

  • “If we’re going produce the college graduates America needs and give all students a shot at a better economic future, it’s time to measure what matters,” states Bridget Burns in The Washington Post. Her piece advocates for including outcomes in college rankings that demonstrate institutional support for students with financial need.
  • Diverse: Issues in Higher Education and Brookings examine the best practices of designing a tuition-free college promise program.
  • “American college students now spend more time working paid jobs than in lectures, the library or studying at home,” reports Bloomberg.


Cooke Foundation Highlights:

  • The Cooke College Scholarship Program is among 11 private scholarships that U.S. News & World Report lists for students to consider.
  • Jack Kent Cooke Young Artist Award winner Emma Taggart will open the The Nicholson Family Classical Music Series, announces the White Bear Press.


Social Media Spotlight:


Photo header: Cooke Scholars gather at our annual Scholars Weekend event.