Secretary of Education John King Speaks to Cooke Scholars

Each summer, our new and returning scholarship recipients gather near the foundation’s Virginia headquarters for Scholars Weekend. We were honored to have Secretary of Education John King deliver this year’s keynote address celebrating the leadership of this talented and high-achieving community.

In his address to Cooke Scholars, Secretary King stated: “I’m so proud of all of you – whether it’s the folks who are about to go off to college, or the folks who are about to finish college, or the folks who are making the transition from community college to four-year institutions – proud of the work that you’ve done to get there.

“It is a profound privilege to join you all. It is going to be even more of a privilege to watch the success that you all will have; and as the father of a ten-year-old and a twelve-year-old, I’m glad that they will get to live in a world that you will lead, because I am confident that you will leave our world to be a better one than the one you found.”John-King-thumb.jpg

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