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While primarily a scholarship provider, the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation identifies and invests a portion of its funding in strategic grant initiatives to expand educational opportunities throughout the United States. The Foundation partners with educational leaders that share our commitment to advance the education of exceptionally promising students who have financial need.  Together, the Foundation and its grant partners work to create high-quality learning experiences for thousands of remarkable students whose families, schools, and communities need additional resources to help these students reach their fullest potential.


The Foundation supports nonprofit organizations that provide access to summer academic enrichment programs for high-achieving low-income students entering grades 6 through 12; work to increase enrollment of high ability students in Advanced Placement courses; and support exceptional students with learning differences.

The Foundation's Talent Development Award recognizes exemplary practices that are transforming high-potential elementary and middle school students into high achievers, with particular attention to economically disadvantaged students. 


Widening the Stage grant partners expand access to advanced music instruction and performance education for talented young musicians, ages 8-18, from low-income backgrounds at community music schools, pre-conservatories, and summer music programs.  Through the classical music radio program, From the Top, the Foundation supports 20 Jack Kent Cooke Young Artist awards each year.


Millions of our nation’s best students with financial need never go to college. Although financial barriers and poor academic preparation are factors, studies indicate that a lack of information and advising also creates a significant barrier for low- to moderate-income students. The Foundation supports organizations that work to significantly increase college enrollment among low-income students who have the potential to excel in higher education, but need additional resources and support to reach their full potential.


The Good Neighbor Grants program identifies and strengthens ties with youth-serving nonprofit organizations in the Northern Virginia, metropolitan Washington, DC, and Maryland areas to help students with significant financial need reach their fullest potential through education.