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Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Wins National Award


Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Named National Award Winner


LANSDOWNE, VA - The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation, the foundation established in 2000 by the will of the late Washington Redskins owner, has been named the 2004 Independent Scholarship Provider of the Year by the National Scholarship Providers Association (NSPA), the top professional organization of scholarship providers in the United States.

FastWeb, the online scholarship search engine and award sponsor, selected the Foundation for the annual award from among NSPA members who participated in the nomination and application process. NSPA is comprised of over 140 members, including the Coca-Coca Scholars, the Gates Millennium Scholars Programs, and the Ford Family Foundation. FastWeb and NSPA cited the Cooke Foundation for its exceptional leadership, efficiency, and impact in supporting higher education. "The support that the Foundation offers those who seek higher education, from high school to graduate school, has a long-lasting and beneficial effect on all our communities," said Jean Danielson, director of educational research at FastWeb.

"The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation serves as a role model for scholarship providers; their enthusiastic support and commitment to students who may otherwise be left behind, and their high standards for scholarship administration set a powerful example for all concerned with access to higher education. Their work on behalf of students inspires and informs the work of the NSPA," said Ms. Amy Weinstein, the NSPA's executive director. NSPA members together deliver $450 million in private funding to more than 200,000 American students each year.

Dr. Matthew J. Quinn, the Foundation's executive director, praised the Foundation board and staff, "We have made careful efforts to build innovative programs that serve outstanding students with financial need whom other scholarship providers are not serving, and we are encouraged even further in this work by the support of our peers in the association."

The Foundation has three scholarship programs, one for students transferring from community college to earn bachelor's degrees, another for rising graduate students, and a third that helps high-achieving youth throughout high school. The programs already support 350 students from 46 states, and will support a total of 550 per year when the programs are fully operational. The Foundation dedicates approximately $20 million each year to supporting these scholarships.






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