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Parent & Guardian Roles

Your parent can play an important role in your college search and selection process, from being a sounding board for your ideas to helping you complete the financial aid forms you receive. In addition, your parent can help you think through where you want to apply and what you want to study.

Your parent or other trusted adults can ask good questions about your strengths, challenges, what you like/dislike about your high school, why you are passionate about what you love to learn, why you spend your time outside of school in certain ways, etc.  Conversations with your parent can help guide you and your process.

You can consider sharing these questions in order to get the conversation started.

  • In what ways have I shown the most development and growth (academically and socially) during the past three or four years? Please consider academic and/or personal areas.
  • As you think about me heading off to college, what concerns (academic or non-academic) do you have?
  • What factors do you think are most important for me to consider when I come up with my final list of colleges? Why?
  • What do you see as your role in my process of selecting a college?

Consider areas where you and you parent can share the work: determining what kinds of colleges fit you best, researching schools, visiting campuses, discussing which characteristics you most want to reveal in your essays and application,adhering to a timeline that gets you through the process early, strategizing how to pay for college, etc.  Sharing articles and resources on the internet can also help.