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For Faculty Representatives

The Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship application period will open in October and close in early December.

Outreach Downloads

Outreach and Publicity Ideas

  1. Send the Foundation's press release to your institution’s media office. 
  2. Place the fact sheets and flyers in prominent places on campus. 
  3. Send an email announcement of the scholarship’s availability as appropriate to department heads, the honors program, and professors.
  4. Ensure that the announcement of the scholarship has been placed on your school’s website with up-to-date deadline information and a link to the Foundation’s website,
  5. Initiate any other outreach efforts to departments, alumni, and students that you deem appropriate.

Criteria & Advice

We offer the following information to help you maximize the competitiveness of applicants and to ensure complete applications.

Questions about the Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship? Contact us.


Application Workshop Webinar

Learn strategies and best practices for strengthening your Undergraduate Transfer Scholarhip application. Students, educators, parents, and community leaders are welcome to attend.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015
6:00 PM - 6:45 PM EDT