Give Back

Inspired by the opportunities presented to them through their scholarships, Cooke Scholars look for ways to broaden the impact of Mr. Cooke’s gift and carve a path for the next generation of scholars who are following in their steps.


Our scholars increase awareness and build the reputation of the community by identifying themselves as Cooke Scholars on resumes, CVs, and biographies. Through the Cooke Outreach Representative Program (CORP) they share their personal stories and how the scholarship affected their lives to encourage aspiring students in their communities. And, they stay connected to the Foundation by keeping their profiles current.


Volunteering their time and wisdom to active scholars, Cooke Scholars cultivate emerging leadership. Through Cooke Connect, Career Pathways Exchange, regional events, and other channels, they make themselves available to help scholars succeed in college and beyond. They host fellow scholars in their workplaces, engage in informational interviews, and offer internships. They fundraise to provide scholars with resources to achieve their college dreams.


Lifting up their fellow Cooke Scholars, they harness the power of the community for greater impact. They collaborate with each other on professional projects, advocate together on causes that matter to them, celebrate each other’s successes, and raise each other’s spirits. They realize that by strengthening each other individually, they strengthen the Cooke Scholar community and make a significant contribution to the world.

Tell us how you’d like to get involved. Fill out this form and we will get back to you soon. Thank you for your time and efforts to make our scholar network as strong as it can be!