April 10: Cooke Foundation News We're Reading This Week


It’s been a busy two weeks at the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation. On March 31 we released a report on closing the excellence gap titled Equal Talents, Unequal Opportunities: A Report Card on State Support for Academically Talented Low-Income Students. On Tuesday, we were delighted to announce that the inaugural Cooke Prize for Equity in Educational Excellence was awarded to Vassar College in New York.

To recap the numerous publications who wrote about the State Report Card and new Cooke Prize, check out the following news hits from the past week.

The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Education Week and UCONN Today highlighted the State Report Card last week, on top of Arkansas Times and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The National Association for Gifted Children published a release applauding the Cooke Foundation’s analysis of state advocacy for gifted and talented low-income students. No state received an A in the report.

In recognition of the Cooke Foundation and Vassar College, The New York Times posted a great article on the award. Noted journalist David Leonhardt featured Cooke Scholar Turner Hitt in addition to Vassar President Catharine Bond Hill.

In the higher ed space, The Chronicle of Higher Education, Education Dive, Education Week and Philanthropy News Digest examined the $1 million prize.

Other publications to report on the award include The Guardian and The Huffington Post.

Washington Monthly and The Cap Times took a look at what exactly makes Vassar unique in terms of economic diversity on campus.

Lastly, University Business, University Herald and New York state’s Daily Freeman shared the news.