April 11, 2014: 5 Articles We're Reading This Week

April 11, 2014Enjoy this week’s roundup of five great reads in education news.

Huffington Post kicks us off with “7 Steps to Raising Stellar, Successful, Self-Sufficient Children,” a title which might make some of you parents’ ears perk up a bit.

Practicing financial literacy in high school pays off, says USA Today in “Financial Literacy Education Has Lasting Impact.”

Is a traditional college overrated in today’s changing society? An Oxford-style debate gives answers in this NPR piece. “Debate: In An Online World, Are Brick and Mortar Colleges Obsolete?”

Who made up one of the most powerful classrooms ever? The Clintons, to name a few. “Robert Reich Shares a Story From What Was Probably the Most Powerful Classroom Ever.”

Michigan’s Kalamazoo Promise pays for public ed student’s higher education. Hear all about it on NPR: “With Free Tuition, Mich. Students Hear ‘You Are Going to College.’”