April 4, 2014: 5 Articles We're Reading This Week


April 4, 2014Enjoy this week’s roundup of five great reads in education news.

We’ll start with the talk of the education world this week: Kwasi Enin, the New York high schooler who was accepted to all eight Ivy League schools. Which would you choose?

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Speaking of decisions, The Huffington Post’s Rebecca Joseph has some tips on picking your college for the next four years.

Next step, money. This Inside Higher Ed comparison takes a look at grants versus loans, borrowing information from a new UMASS study.

Having trouble deciphering your financial aid? NPR has some suggestions.

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This one’s a little more lighthearted. The Washington Post reports on students applying for some interesting scholarships—including the arcane Dutchcrafters Amish Furniture Heritage Scholarship.