August 8, 2014: Education News We’re Reading This Week


August 8, 2014—Here is what’s new in education news this week.

The Huffington Post examines how unfair and unequal school funding practices affect disadvantaged low-income students in Philadelphia and Chicago.

Although the tuition has increased drastically in the last 14 years at Amherst College, the school has also “substantially increased its financial-aid budget” as part of an effort to “recruit an economically diverse student body,” says The New York Times.

A piece in the Washington Post describes some challenges faced by low-income, first-generation students as they transition to college life, such as struggling to find a sense of belonging at their colleges or universities.

As students prepare to head back to school, USA Today recently shared some advice in 12 things to do before going off to college and 3 things to do during college welcome week to help students make the transition to college easier.

US News & World Report takes a look at how the smaller class sizes and lower tuition rates at community colleges can help students decide on a future career path.

An article from US News & World Report says these five apps will make the lives of college students easier. These apps do everything from helping you take notes to helping you find study guides.

St. Lawrence University Professor Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead shares 21 easy tips for college success in the Huffington Post. Her tips include speaking up in class, using proper email etiquette, and taking advantage of all the available resources, especially librarians.