Campus Hunger & Cooke Scholar Community

August 10, 2018 – Here’s our weekly roundup of education news you may have missed. Cooke Scholars and other advocates take action to alleviate students’ basic needs insecurity. Studies show that both the rate of FAFSA completion and classroom expenses are correlated with the poverty level of the surrounding area.

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Elementary & Secondary Education:

  • “94 percent of teachers use their own money to buy school supplies,” reports Vox. Additionally, “teachers at schools with mostly socioeconomically disadvantaged students have greater classroom expenses.”
  • Many college-bound students who are eligible for financial aid don’t fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). School districts with higher levels of child poverty tend to have lower completion rates, although, as Brookings highlights, there are some exceptions.


Higher Education:

  • In Capitol Weekly, Lande Ajose and Sara Goldrick-Rab discuss how addressing basic needs insecurity among students in California could “expand college access and support equitable degree completion.”
  • Nonprofit Quarterly examines whether race-neutral admissions policies can support campus diversity.
  • “The majority of student parents live in or near poverty,” state Rachel Karp and Lindsey Reichlin Cruse in ACCT Now. “For every $1 a single mother graduate spends on earning an associate degree, her family gets back $16.45.”


Cooke Foundation Highlights:

  • Yanelle Cruz Bonilla writes in Forbes about how fellow Cooke Scholars Marshelle Davis, An Garagiola-Bernier, and Maria Cielito Robles created campus food pantries and resource centers to mitigate student hunger at their community colleges.
  • Last weekend, over 300 Cooke Scholars and alumni came together for our annual Scholars Weekend. Diverse: Issues in Higher Education captures the spirit of the event and the power of the Cooke Scholar community.


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Header image: Cooke Scholars at our 2016 Scholars Weekend.