Civic Engagement Leader Olya Yarychkivska Receives Quinn Prize


Each year, the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation awards the Matthew J. Quinn Prize to one or more current Cooke Scholars or alumni in recognition of an outstanding achievement that provides meaningful influence and impact on the lives of others. Winners of the Quinn Prize receive up to $10,000 cash and are honored at our annual Scholars Weekend event.

This year’s Quinn Prize recipient, Olya Yarychkivska, co-founded and serves as a board member for Razom. A nonprofit organization, Razom has built an international network of more than 200 volunteers who aim to develop civic engagement and democracy in Ukraine.

Olya received the Cooke Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship in 2007 and our Graduate Scholarship in 2012. She is currently pursuing a doctorate in genetics and development at Columbia University.

Learn more about Olya and Razom in the video below, or visit for information on current programs: