College Greenlight: Tool for Researching Colleges and Scholarships

College Greenlight

We heard from our friends over at College Greenlight. We’ve referenced them time and again as a great resource and thought we’d let them tell you more about the website and how they interact with the Foundation.  Here’s what they sent to us:

College is a chance to immerse yourself in the people, the academics, the art, and the work you believe in. It is a truly life-changing experience that rewards hard work and perseverance with a sense of accomplishment and pride that can never be taken away. We believe so much in the benefits of a college education that we’ve built a website completely dedicated to helping hard-working, intelligent students discover, research, and pay for their perfect colleges.

College Greenlight is a totally free resource. When you build a profile on our website, you’ll have complete access to our vast network of tools, including detailed and honest profiles of over 5,000 colleges and universities, and a database of over 1,000,000,000 (one billion) dollars in national and local scholarship opportunities. We’ve crafted our profiles so that the information you share about yourself (whether that be your academics, community and volunteer service, work history, financial or personal hardships, leadership experience, membership in clubs and organizations, extracurricular activities, or cultural involvement) matches you to the colleges and scholarships that best fit your unique personality and accomplishments. And in case you were worried, all student information is safe on our site. We only use what you share with us to identify the colleges and scholarships that are well suited for you.

In addition to our student profiles and massive databases, we curate one of the most dynamic, serious, and useful college and scholarship blogs on the internet. The College Greenlight blog includes incredible resources: a list of every 100% meet-need college in the country, a comprehensive list of free fly-in programs, and exhaustive monthly scholarship lists organized by application deadline. We also feature guest posts from admissions experts, college professors, high school and college students, and scholarship providers, all in an attempt to equip you for some of the best, most challenging and exciting years of your life.

And to make sure your experience on College Greenlight is coordinated with your work as a Jack Kent Cooke Foundation scholar, we partner with your counselors to use their feedback and suggestions to regularly improve our site, articles, and tools. And if you work closely with a particular counselor or mentor, you can choose to share your student profile with them so they can review your college and scholarship lists, and can make suggestions and recommendations just for you.

We would love to have you fill out a student profile. All of us at College Greenlight are thoroughly impressed by the work every Jack Kent Cooke Foundation scholar has done to get this far, and want to help you continue your journey to and through college. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, we hope you’ll email us at