Cooke Scholar Pursues Dual Passions: Cello Performance and Pre-Med


Music and medicine have both been interwoven cornerstones in Mardochee Dade’s life.

In an interview with The Morning Call earlier this year, Mardochee stated: “Music doesn’t have a color. It doesn’t have any walls or boundaries. It’s about intermingling and exploration and creating something new. And the cello is an instrument that is open to all genres. It creates this feeling that I can’t describe. It gives me chills.”

While he has yet to choose a specific path in medicine, Mardochee plans on exploring every option to see where he can have the most impact. He believes that empathy is the most crucial component of being a doctor, and credits his fifth grade teacher’s husband with inspiring him to pursue this career.


This past spring, Mardochee was awarded a Cooke College Scholarship, worth up to $40,000 for each year of his bachelor’s degree. Mardochee is now studying cello performance and pre-med at Vanderbilt University.

He also has a message for high school seniors:

“See how far you can go! Apply today.”

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