Executive Director Harold O. Levy Encourages Access to Effective EdTech


In his latest op-ed published by Education Week, our executive director outlines the importance of transparency in the pricing of educational technology (commonly shortened to “edtech”).  Through the Technology for Education Consortium (TEC), a new nonprofit startup, school districts can collaborate to determine which edtech products are the best fit for their goals and budgets.

Harold O. Levy writes, “TEC will enable district leaders to share ed-tech hardware and software contracts so that all districts can benefit from the best terms a vendor offers. TEC will also fund third-party studies to identify which ed-tech products deliver the best results at the best prices. This will enable school districts—including those that are financially strapped, small and rural, or serving low-income students—to comparison-shop, learn from each other, identify implementation issues, and negotiate better contracts.” Read more…

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