Grantee Spotlight: Montgomery College Foundation

In 2014, the Foundation awarded a $30,480 Good Neighbor Grant to the Montgomery College Foundation to support their Achieving Collegiate Excellence and Success (ACES) program. Montgomery College identified 50-75 ACES students in grades 9-12 as high-achieving and low-income and supported them by providing year-round interventions focused on college access and preparation and summer bridge programs focused on college survival skills, study habits, and time management skills. The grant also provided students with up to a $2,500 scholarship to attend Montgomery College in the 2014-15 academic years.

As a result of JKCF funding, an incredible 98 percent of the graduating ACES high school seniors applied to two- and four-years colleges and universities. Approximately 280 students enrolled in Montgomery College this fall. The program continues to grow and gain attention, and the Maryland General Assembly has asked for a report about how ACES could become a statewide program.

Click here to read an article from a local paper on ACES program accomplishments.

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