How Do We Redefine STEM to Empower More Future Leaders?

Harold Levy at NYAS Global STEM Alliance Event

The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation is always looking to support new and innovative programs that engage highly talented secondary school students, especially those from low-income backgrounds who cannot afford the tuition and related costs of these opportunities or whose local communities do not offer such programs.

Earlier this month, our executive director, Harold O. Levy, was invited to contribute his insights into growing a more inclusive STEM workforce as part of a panel hosted by the Global STEM Alliance at the New York Academy of Sciences (NYAS). Although the need for expertise in these fields is growing, under a quarter of STEM jobs are held by women and only about 10 percent are made up of minority groups.

Watch a full recording of the #redefineSTEM event below or keep scrolling to read our favorite highlights from the accompanying discussion on Twitter.