JKCF Grantee Featured in Williamsburg Yorktown Daily

Fun comes in many different forms, and for high-achieving students, a rigorous summer program is the kind of challenge they love and need. High-quality summer learning programs can spark student curiosity and passion, augment academic achievement, nurture intellectual peer support, and influence educational and career trajectories. Yet, such programs remain out of reach for many low-income, high-achieving youth who cannot afford the tuition and related costs of residential programs or whose local community does not offer a program specifically geared toward such students. Since 2012, Cooke Foundation’s support enabled William and Mary to provide an extraordinary opportunity to over 160 talented low-income students in the Williamsburg area. Over two weeks at Camp Launch, students tackle academic challenges, experience college life, make new friends – it’s a unique experience, and for many, life-changing. It’s an opportunity that allows students to dream big, work hard, and achieve.


While their peers enjoy the summer sun, a group of rising seventh- and eighth-grade students are spending part of the summer learning about science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

The students are participating in the fourth annual Camp Launch, a two-week STEM summer program for high-achieving, low-income middle school students. The program is hosted by the College of William & Mary and is operated by the School of Education’s Center for Gifted Education.

During the camp, students attend three-hour blocks of classes, some focusing on academics and some on personal development.

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