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Foundation says Arkansas must do more to help talented low-income students

By Benjamin Hardy
April 1, 2015
Arkansas Times

 EXCELLENCE GAP: Arkansas, like most states, needs to do better. - JACK KENT COOKE FOUNDATION

  • EXCELLENCE GAP: Arkansas, like most states, needs to do better.

A report from the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation gives Arkansas low-to-middling marks in its support of students with unusual academic potential, particularly those from lower-income households.

It ranks Arkansas about in the middle of the nation for its education policies (a “C”) and outcomes (a “D+”). To be fair, it gives Cs or Ds to most states.

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Georgia education policies undermine poor kids’ performance, group says


By Ty Tagami
April 1, 2015
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Georgia’s education policies scored an uninspiring grade from a foundation committed to ending the performance gap between students from low- and high-income households.

The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation, a scholarship-granting organization, gave Georgia’s policies a “C+” and said able students who come from poor households are harmed by rules or the lack of them. The group cited a prohibition on early entrance to kindergarten, the absence of policies for skipping grades, no mandate to train teachers for “advanced” learners and inadequate reporting on advanced education.

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