June 20, 2014: Education News We're Reading This Week


June 20, 2014—Here is what’s new in education news this week.

Out of this year’s 32 World Cup teams, the U.S. ranks third in the highest percentage of adults with two- or four-year college degrees. But that is only partially good news, says The Equity Line.

An Education Trust report proposes cutting funds for colleges who rate poorly in areas of “college access, success, and student loan repayment rates.”

Inside Higher Ed asserts that colleges are focusing too much on predicting which students will fail and not enough on what can be done to help more students succeed.

Why college is the key to socioeconomic mobility, according to The Huffington Post.

According to Forbes, college students develop ten money-saving habits that are helpful once they graduate.

Hampshire College will turn a blind eye to SAT and ACT test scores, via The Wall Street Journal.

TIME examines what Ivy Tech Community College is doing to speed up the process of earning an associate’s degree.

And the following are articles from this week featuring Jack Kent Cooke Undergraduate Transfer Scholars: