March 21, 2014: 6 Articles We're Reading This Week


March 21, 2014Here’s our weekly roundup of six good reads in education news.

First, here’s NPR’s take on what’s wrong with the Common Core. “Eight Problems With Common Core Standards” 

In the aftermath of the big SAT announcement, hear why Jay Mathews at The Washington Post pays the CollegeBoard no mind—and see if you agree. “Why I No Longer Fear the SAT”

The Boston Globe laments the lost potential of American students, asking why these bright youth aren’t achieving what they could. “The Poor Neglected Gifted Child” 

NPR’s Claudi Sanchez takes a national look at the rising cost of college. “How the Cost of College Went From Affordable to Sky-high” 

Huffington Post reiterates the biennial Civil Rights Data Collection: discrimination in schools is limiting our non-white youth. “American Schools Are Still Racist, Government Report Finds” 

Watch the most-watched TED talk in history on how schools kill creativity by Sir Ken Robinson. “Everybody Else Has Seen This. It’s Your Turn.”