March 27, 2015: Education News We're Reading This Week


March 27, 2015—Here are the best articles from education news this week.

Does it matter where you go to college or is what you study more important? The topic has garnered much attention lately and The Washington Post’s Valerie Strauss is in favor of the former.

This piece in Quartz sides with Strauss, that author noting that not only did Where You Go Is Not Who You’ll Bes Frank Bruni attend an Ivy League school, so did 38 percent of Fortune 500 CEOs from 1996 to 2014.

The Wall Street Journal shares the story of Michael Mascetti, executive director of Science Schools Initiative in New York. The program offers free intensive tutoring for poor city school students to prepare for top colleges and high schools, particularly Mascetti’s alma mater, Stuyvesant.

Five Thirty-Eight compares the measurements that help define college readiness. While many argue for exams such as the traditional SAT and ACT, others adhere to the belief in high school GPA and noncognitive skills—or a combination of the three.

Check out the seven factors to consider about education spending in the U.S. While America spends more than almost every other country per student, our international scores have not been top notch.

Robert Farrington writes about new financial technology companies who strive to educate student loan borrowers. Services range from loan comparison sites to custom profile platforms.

This week Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Young Scholar Robert Kancans had the privilege of participating in the 2015 White House Science Fair. At the fair, President Obama also announced $240 million-plus in STEM commitments including a New York Academy of Sciences program—supported by the Cooke Foundation.

FierceCIO was pleased to share the news, writing about the “triple play” in STEM education.

This piece focused specifically on the Cooke Foundation’s announcement and grantees. Check out ischoolguide for more.

Faith Radio highlighted the foundation’s scholarship programs, as well as Mr. Cooke’s legacy, on their live show and website.