March 28, 2014: 4 Articles We're Reading This Week


March 28, 2014Here’s our Friday roundup of our top four articles in education news.

Yesterday, the Senate heard a discussion on the 1965 Higher Education Act, with concerned Iowa Senator Tom Harkin leading the charge. Top on his list: holding for-profit public and private colleges accountable when it comes to the $150 million in federal grants and loans they receive each year. NPR spoke with Harkin on the issue. “Senator Warns of a Student Loan Bubble”

U.S. News on Thursday published a very useful piece on how to find the right “extra costs” scholarship—those that pay for bills including textbooks, housing and transportation. Who knew?! “Dig Into Scholarships to Cover Extra College Costs” 

Check out why Vince Bertram of the Huffington Post believes STEM is more than four distinct disciplines and how its immersion into everyday life is greater than we realize. “STEM or STEAM? We’re Missing the Point”

Lastly, the ACT’s annual “Condition of College and Career Readiness” study was released last week. Diverse Issues in Higher Education published a piece concerning how American Indians fared in the study, a 2013 assessment. “Study: American Indians Highly Motivated for College, Yet Lacking Preparation”