Hopeful About the Future: Cooke Scholar Julio Ballista

Cooke Scholar Julio Ballista

With interests that range from computer science to mental health, Julio Ballista is looking to make a difference in the world. And now, with the help of the Cooke College Scholarship Program, he is one step closer to making that a reality as he continues his educational journey at Stanford University.

Julio has always enjoyed solving problems and creating algorithms, and he is drawn to the power that computer science has to revolutionize the world. He’d love to eventually work somewhere like Google where he can fulfill his dreams of working with artificial intelligence and creating applications that can change the world.

Cooke Scholars at Scholars Weekend

He is also passionate about the issue of mental health. “Feeling inadequate has become commonplace in our society, and it destroys our willingness and belief to innovate the communities that we come from,” he said. “I hope to bring confidence to the lives I touch. People deserve to realize the power they hold.”

Julio will receive up to $40,000 per year to complete his bachelor’s degree, along with opportunities for internships, study abroad, and graduate school funding. He’s also excited about joining the thriving community of Cooke Scholars.

“There was such a collaborative environment,” he says of his time at our recent Scholars Weekend event, “a place where scholars, alumni, and staff were all visibly invested in my success as a student. It makes me hopeful, instead of fearful, about what is to come.”

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Stanford Cooke Scholars at Scholars Weekend