From Stanford to Space: Cooke Scholar Jade Nguyen

Cooke Scholar Jade Nguyen

Stanford University was always Jade Nguyen’s dream school. With the support of the Cooke College Scholarship Program, she’s using her time at the prestigious research university to explore two areas of interest. Jade has a passion for politics, but she also enjoys STEM and hopes to contribute to space exploration by filling an emerging need — space doctor.

“Space travel affects the body very differently than typical environments, and with space exploration becoming more and more prevalent, it is important we have physicians to study these changes,” Jade explains.

To prepare for this unique career path, Jade’s undergraduate studies will also be customized. She plans to fulfill the pre-med track at Stanford while also majoring in political science.

“The changes lawmakers create in our lives are deeply felt and very important, especially when it comes to representing those with minority identities like myself,” Jade says.

Getting to know fellow Cooke Scholars at the Foundation’s recent Scholars Weekend event provided Jade with the chance to meet other motivated college students and accomplished alumni, all pursuing a range of different interests.

“Becoming a Cooke Scholar has made me realize that I can do what I set my mind to. The extreme levels of support and acceptance within the community are hard to comprehend. I made so many close connections with others in the program at Scholars Weekend,” says Jade. “I think being a part of this community is an honor, and I hope to use these connections to support myself and my future endeavors.”

Cooke Scholars attending Stanford gather at Scholars Weekend 2018

As a Cooke Scholar, Jade receives up to $40,000 per year for up to four years to complete her bachelor’s degree, along with opportunities for internships, study abroad, and graduate school funding.

“I was pretty positive I would not get the scholarship,” says Jade about applying. “Still, I did my best with my applications, I was authentic in my essays, and I happened to get not only a scholarship but a vibrant supportive community. This scholarship has been a huge part of the way I see my academic future, and it is completely worth giving a try.”

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Cooke Scholars attending Stanford gather at Scholars Weekend 2018