Reinvesting in Others: Cooke Scholar Neveen Mahmoud

Neveen Mahmoud, a member of one of the first cohorts of Cooke Scholars, has always been looking for ways to reinvest her education in others.  

As a Cooke Young Scholar she attended The Agnes Irwin School, and she went on to graduate from Stanford University as a Cooke College Scholar. After serving as CEO of Stanford Student Enterprises for several years, she cofounded The Young Vets, a social impact startup that works with underserved student-athletes, in 2013. Along with corporate partners that include LinkedIn and Adidas, they’ve created a leadership development program that cultivates academic, athletic, personal, and professional skills that help prepare these students to have a successful career after sports. Learn more about Neveen and her important work in our newest scholar spotlight video:


To find out more about The Young Vets and how you can get involved, please visit: