The Business of Doing Good: Cooke Scholar's Inspiring Graduation Speech

Angad Singh Padda received the Cooke Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship in 2015, allowing him to go from Diablo Valley College to graduating summa cum laude at the University of California, Berkeley.

Angad was chosen from among 30 other students to represent his class at the Haas School of Business graduation ceremony. Since then, his speech has received over 237,000 views on YouTube and been shared thousands of times across social media, including a tweet from Robert Reich declaring it a “graduation speech that should be heard widely and taken to heart.”

Angad’s interactive speech asked each of the audience members to envision “that one issue you really need to resolve to make this world a better place” and strive to create a legacy as “the class that not only did good business, but the class that engaged in the business of doing good.”

While he plans to begin a career as an investment banker, Angad’s ultimate goal is to develop strong business connections and expertise that will enable him to improve education and healthcare across the villages of Punjab, India. Cooke-Scholar-Angad-Singh-Padda-Graduation-654190-edited.jpg