Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship Webinar Recap and Resources

Our outreach and recruitment team has been busy this fall hosting webinars and sharing information about our scholarship programs with students, families, educators, and community leaders. If you have not been able to join us for a session, we welcome you to watch this recorded informational webinar for an overview of the Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship.

Learn about the program’s benefits, scholar community, eligibility requirements, and selection criteria by watching the video. You may also download a copy of the webinar and the other resources provided to attendees below. Please feel free to share them among your network and on campus!

Resources for Download:

Information for Applicants:

Many questions fielded during this webinar can be viewed on our Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship FAQs page. Specific personal or family questions should be directed to scholarships@jkcf.org.Screencap of the Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship Webinar

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