Video Spotlight: Nathan Miller on Learning to Think Big

“Throughout high school, I learned to make opportunities for myself, to think big.”


Cooke Scholar Nathan Miller’s experiences in our Young Scholars Program allowed him to explore his evolving interests and paved his pathway to our $40,000 per year College Scholarship Program.

Along with an international program in Burma, Nathan attended summer programs at Northwestern University, the University of Notre Dame, Georgetown University, and Brown Univeristy which “gave me a taste of what college life would be like and I loved it.” Nathan has returned to Notre Dame as a Cooke College Scholar to complete his undergraduate degree.

“Being a Young Scholar really made me a multi-level person. I’m able to put together so many different ideas, so many different values, so many different experiences and bring them all together into who I am and where I’m going.”

Current 7th graders, see how far you can go!


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