Video: Cooke Scholar Harun Mehmedinovic


A native of war-torn Bosnia and Herzegovina, Harun came to the U.S. as a refugee in the mid-nineties. At that time he had never even touched a computer, and only a few years later he was studying film at UCLA. There he worked as a photographer, cinematographer, and director on more than 30 short films. Harun became a Jack Kent Cooke Scholar in 2003 as an Undergraduate Transfer Scholar at UCLA. He went on to become a Graduate Scholar in 2005 and studied at the American Film Institute. Since then Harun’s many accomplishments include writing a few books, giving a TEDx Talk, and teaching film and photography at Northern Arizona University.

This exclusive video features Harun’s story in his own words, accompanied by work from his photography collections, his take on the creative process, and how spontaneity has enriched both his art and life.