Video: What to Consider When Making Your College Decision

The time has come. You did your research, you built a balanced list of colleges to apply to, you put together strong applications for each, and now the acceptances are coming in. It’s time to make a decision. But how do you choose?
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Deciding where to go to college can feel overwhelming.  You may feel as if the world will end if you choose the wrong one. Don’t worry. It won’t.
As you consider the colleges that have accepted you, think about which one will be the best fit for you. When examining whether a school “fits,” at the very least you will need to consider all these things—size, location, distance from home, programs of study, extracurricular activities, diversity, and student life.  In other words, which of these schools do you think will best match your abilities and interests, as well as help you reach your personal goals?
In case you need some help, we put together 10 Questions to Help You Determine the Right College Fit. We also created this video, with our own Jack Kent Cooke Scholars sharing their insights into what factors to consider when making a decision about college.