Young Scholar Spotlight: Nathan Miller Is More Than a Student-Athlete

Nathan Miller, a current Jack Kent Cooke Young Scholar, deserves praise for co-captaining his high school football team to an undefeated regular season and subsequent playoff berth.  But rest assured that his presence extends further than the shadows he casts under the Friday night lights of the gridiron.  School organizer, youth service member, volunteer, intern, and traveler may be a few other choice descriptors for this impressive teenager.

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Through his participation in such varied settings, Nathan’s gleaned the importance of the relationships he’s built along his journey.

“God has blessed me with so many opportunities and incredible friends,” Nathan explains.  “The best way I’ve learned to be thankful of those things is to take advantage of every opportunity I get, and to treat others with love.”

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What does Nathan’s future have in store?  Time will tell, but he’s considering a degree in philosophy or theology along with concentrations in either business or economics.  With the support of his family and his JKCF Educational Adviser Cristina Ramos – whom he credits as an “incredible friend and guide” – he’s confident he’ll continue to set down the right path.  Given his record to date, so far so good.

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