Isabelle Riddle

Isabelle Riddle

Cooke Scholar

Isabelle Riddle has dreams of someday becoming a pediatric oncologist, which she is determined to accomplish as a Jack Kent Cooke College Scholar.

“The fact that I was given so much really puts in perspective the fact that I need to give back going forward. All this, I have to repay it in some way,” she says. “And the way that I want to repay it is being a doctor, going out there, saving lives. It’s really given me that confidence and also given me that drive.”

Last fall, Isabelle began her freshman year at the University of Georgia, where she’ll be studying as a Foundation Fellow and Stamp Scholar. Outside of school, she’s been a leading member of the College Board Student Advisory Council, where she’s been advocating for students like her for several years.

“It makes me feel like my voice is heard and that was something that I struggled with earlier in my high school. Like, I’m just one student here in a small county, how am I going to make a difference?” says Isabelle. “I helped design the SAT daily practice app, which really was important to me because it’s having a way to study for the SAT without paying for an individual tutor. I wanted to get that out there for other students because that’s a big issue.”Isabelle3.jpg