Application Process and Deadlines

How do I apply for the special (NCCEP) internship or Karel Fellowship?

Please do not use the Cooke Summer Internship Stipend online application if you are interested in the NCCEP Cooke internship  or the Karel Fellowship opportunities. Each program has a separate application process. More information about the opportunities and the application process for each is found here: https://www.jkcf.org/scholarship-programs/other-internship-opportunities/

If I have questions about the application, who can I contact?

If you have a question that is not answered by these FAQs or the materials on the website, please email scholars@jkcf.org or call the foundation at 800-846-9025.

What if something changes about my internship (e.g., start date, end date, supervisor) between when I submit my application and when I start at my internship site?

Please contact Cooke Foundation staff of any changes that occur. You can contact us at scholars@jkcf.org or 800-846-9025. We will help you address problems or concerns.

When is the Final Evaluation Report due?

The Final Evaluation Report must be submitted within two weeks of completing your internship or no later than September 14 , 2020.



Is the stipend only offered for summer internships?

Yes, the Foundation’s internship stipend is provided for unpaid summer internships at a non-profit or a government organization.

Am I eligible for the stipend if I am receiving credit from my college or university for the internship?

Internship stipends are reserved for scholars who are not receiving college credit for their internships.

May I participate in an internship abroad?

Yes, your internship may be completed abroad. However, you must be able to verify that the internship is unpaid and that the organization is a non-profit or government organization.

Can I receive the internship stipend more than once?

Yes. If you have already received the internship stipend, you are welcome to apply again. However, preference will be given to those scholars who have not yet received a stipend.

If selected for a stipend, what are the internship requirements?

Prior to applying for the stipend, you must secure an unpaid internship at a non-profit or government organization and provide documentation to that effect. In addition, you must be in good standing at your college or university. You are required to complete a minimum of 320 hours (eight 40-hour weeks) at the internship site and, at the end of the internship, you must submit an internship report and an evaluation of the program.

What are the eligibility requirements to apply?

Scholars who are rising sophomores, juniors, or seniors and are in good standing, are eligible to apply for the internship stipend. Scholars who have graduated are ineligible. In addition, scholars receiving college credit for their internships are not eligible to receive a stipend.

Are international scholars eligible to apply?

While the Cooke Foundation does not have any limitations for international scholars, there could be other limitations imposed by your international status. The international advisor on your campus may be a good resource to help you determine your eligibility to complete a summer internship.

Selection Process

How many stipends will be offered?

The Foundation intends to offer 40 stipends for summer 2020.

When will I be notified if I am selected?

The internship stipend program operates on a rolling application schedule with notifications going out starting in April through the end of May. Click here for a general timeline for the program: https://www.jkcf.org/scholarship-programs/internship-stipend-timeline/

What the Scholarship Covers

What is the purpose of the internship stipend?

This program encourages Cooke Scholars to seek internships during the summers while they are undergraduate students. We believe that every student should engage in at least two internship or research experiences during their undergraduate years. Internships allow students to gain experience in a field and help determine an interest in particular career. The internship stipend allows Cooke Scholars to take advantage of internships that they may not be able to consider without the Foundation’s financial support. If you are a current senior in the Young Scholars program and are interested in a summer internship, please contact your educational adviser for more information.

What the Stipend Covers

How much is the stipend for the internship?

The Cooke Foundation summer internship stipend is $6,000.

How will the stipends be paid?

The foundation will mail your stipend award to you the first week of June.

Can the Foundation help me find an internship?

Use Cooke Connect as a resource in your internship search. Your Cooke Foundation educational adviser is an additional resource in your search for an internship. If you have a particular internship experience in mind and you are unable to find an appropriate position using the resources on your campus or through a Cooke mentor, contact us at scholars@jkcf.org. In addition, the Cooke Foundation has partnered with the National Council for Community and Education Partnerships and Karel Fellowship to provide summer internship opportunities for Cooke Scholars.

Where have internship stipend recipients interned in the past?

Below is a list of the sites and locations of the internships that scholars participated in last summer. If you would like more information or lists from previous years, please contact us at scholars@jkcf.org or 800-846-9025.

12 Plus

American Cancer Society

Animal Medical Center

Baylor University BioMotion Lab

Center for Reflective Communities

Children’s Environmental Health Network

Claremont McKenna College

Coalición Latinoamericana (Latin American Coalition)

College Promise Campaign

The Dallas Entrepreneur Center

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Debris Free Oceans

Emory Vaccine Center

Golden Bear Sleep and Mood Research Clinic

Japan Society

Massachusetts Office of the Attorney General

National Council for Community and Education Partnerships (NCCEP)

NYC Health + Hospitals/Metropolitan

Office of US Representative Adriano Espaillat

Office of US Senator Bill Nelson

The Paideia Institute

Penn State University

Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center


University of Arkansas

University of California, Los Angeles

University of Chicago, research assistant to Darnell Leatherwood

University of Florida

University of Minnesota College of Liberal Arts

University of Virginia Erisir Lab

USC Rocket Propulsion Laboratory

Veterans Association Center for Neurorestoration and Neurotechnology (CfNN)