Cooke Outreach Representative Program (CORP)

The Cooke Outreach Representative Program (CORP) provides Cooke Scholars and Alumni the opportunity to assist the Cooke Foundation’s outreach efforts to potential applicants to its scholarship programs. CORP members may visit middle schools, high schools, community colleges, and other education entities (e.g. nonprofits, community based organizations) to present information to students and educators regarding the Foundation’s scholarship programs.

Tips for Outreach

What should I do before conducting outreach?

  • You should first complete the CORP member registration form here. The Foundation will reach out via email once we receive your form.

Who should I contact if I have questions about CORP?

Who should I direct applicants to if they have questions about applying?

College Scholarship Program:

Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship:

Young Scholars Program:

What should I share in my presentation?

  • The most important part of CORP is sharing your personal experience as a Cooke Scholar. Your story will encourage students to apply, especially those that may be doubting their chances even though they are eligible. Share your educational and professional goals as well as what the Cooke Scholar community means to you.

Presentations and Downloads

In addition to these flyers and presentations, we can also provide downloads of the overview videos for each program if you’d like to include those in your presentation. Please email to request those and to ask any other questions you might have.