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Cooke Scholars meet at Scholars Weekend 2016.

November 9, 2018 – Here’s our weekly roundup of education news you may have missed. Various articles and advocates discuss unique student support strategies in K-12 and higher education.

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High-achieving high school seniors can now apply for the Cooke College Scholarship Program and the Cooke Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship is accepting applications from community college students preparing to transfer to a four-year institution. Both programs provide up to $40,000 per year, as well as ongoing advising and access to the thriving Cooke Scholar community.


Elementary & Secondary Education:

  • Romey Pittman writes in Education Week about creating an advanced learning program for “school skeptics.” With equity in mind, the program “identified ‘advanced’ students in less conventional ways, that challenged them to push themselves as problem solvers and independent researchers, and even addressed their social-emotional needs in a way that would allow them to re-engage with school and start to see themselves as successful.”
  • In a series of five charts, the National Education Policy Center provides insights on connections between poverty, race, and college preparation in high school.


Higher Education:

  • Many colleges and universities are creating programs designed to help students “thrive,” reports The Chronicle of Higher Education.
  • NPR looks at the history of legacy preferences, a “complex ethical question” in college admissions.
  • Supporting student-parents and other adults returning to college is a focus of several think tanks and advocates including Ascend at the Aspen Institute and New America.
  • State policymakers and campus leaders often must choose between need-based financial aid and non-need-based merit aid, states Inside Higher Ed.


Cooke Foundation Highlights:

  • How do you build a college list? Our educational advisers share three tips, plus resources for finding colleges, fly-in programs, and virtual tours. Watch our latest tips video!
  • Cooke Scholar Peter Dugan is the guest host of a From the Top episode featuring Jack Kent Cooke Young Artist Faustina Housner.
  • The Belin-Blank Center for Gifted Education at the University of Iowa concludes a retrospective series on its three decades of work to empower and serve the international gifted community through exemplary leadership in programs, research, and advocacy.
  • Hear scholarship application advice from Jade Nguyen, a 2018 Cooke Scholar studying at Stanford University.


Social Media Spotlight:

Photo header: Cooke Scholars meet at Scholars Weekend 2016 in Lansdowne, VA.