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Summer Internship Stipend Program

College Scholars and Undergraduate Transfer Scholars are invited to apply for a one-time stipend of $5,000 to pursue an unpaid summer internship at a non-profit organization in 2018

It is the Cooke Foundation's goal that all undergraduate scholars engage in at least two internship or research experiences during their college years.  An internship is a crucial part of your post-secondary education experience and can help you with career exploration and post-graduate plans. It is an opportunity to get an inside glimpse of an organization, an industry, and a particular occupation and can help you determine if your chosen career path is a good fit for you. Along with helping to hone career and post-graduate plans, internships can turn into job offers and can serve as the first impression you make on your future employer. With more and more students completing internships, many employers expect to see them listed on the resumes of recent college graduates.

Through the Cooke Internship Stipend, approximately 30 Cooke Scholars will have the opportunity to gain hands-on professional experience without sacrificing needed income.

If you haven't already taken steps to secure a summer internship position, here are some next steps to consider:

  1. Contact your career services office on your college or university campus.
  2. Attend local or campus job fairs.
  3. Research possible opportunities (both on websites and through electronic publications).
  4. Tap into your existing networks, which may include fellow scholars, alumni of your institution, Cooke Foundation staff, and mentors.
  5. Visit the websites of organizations with internship programs that you'd like to learn more about.

Click here for more detailed suggestions for finding internships.

Click here to view a webinar with tips for obtaining an internship.

The application has a rolling deadline, beginning February 23, 2018, and ending May 18, 2018.  The links below provide further information about the internship stipend.

Scholars are responsible for obtaining their own internships. Please visit your institution's career center website or office for a list of internship opportunities. Keep an eye on the Cookie Jar, Cooke Connect, and Facebook postings for opportunities, too. 

For those interested in the Cooke National Council for Community and Education Partnerships Internship or the 12 PLUS internship, note that the application process and timelines are different from the Summer Internship Stipend. The NCCEP deadline is March 16 and the 12 PLUS deadline is March 30.

Contact us at 1-800-846-9025 or email, if you have any questions regarding the internship program.